Why us?

The best IRATA training centre

At Access Techniques we strive to run the best IRATA training centre we can – as good or better than any other in the world. Before setting up the centre we worked at many of the UK’s other training centres as instructors, and have been able to combine the best elements of each at our centre in Sheffield.

High quality training

Our directors Adam and Aide are among the most experienced in the industry and well respected – so much so that in 2011 Adam was contracted to lead the rewrite of IRATA’s training syllabus (TACS). Lead trainer Danny has a solid background as both a climbing instructor and abseil welder offshore. In addition we have a pool of assistant trainers – all L3/I qualified – who also work on site (both on and offshore) bringing real-world experience and enthusiasm to the training. The benefit of a busy centre means our trainers get to work together, sharing ideas and helping each other improve. All our trainers are friendly, approachable, and put your needs first.


Excellent trainer to pupil ratios

We always maintain staffing levels well in excess of IRATA’s minimum requirements – keeping every 6 candidates supervised by a L3/I trainer. A dedicated instructor is provided for level 1 candidates and also for all higher levels.

Videos and manuals

Our training videos are unique in the industry and have had rave reviews from trainees, site workers and managers alike – presenting techniques with a clarity and depth impossible in other formats. In addition, our comprehensive and up-to-date manual is among the best in the industry, and a free copy is included with every course.

Realistic and varied training centre

The main hall is over fourteen metres high in the centre – giving realistic exposure to height and the scope for large exercises – whilst at either end the arches give a naturally graded choice of heights for the novice to increase their confidence. The centre is a world class, cusom built training facility. It includes a wide variety of steelwork – arches, tubes, RSJs and lattice towers, as well as brickwork walls and arches, wooden and steel ladders and balconies, flat roofs and simulated shafts and tanks.



All our courses are generously supplied with a choice of equipment – including the latest harnesses, back-up devices and descenders. Plenty is available to ensure even advanced exercises don’t require sharing items. We always have a broad range of devices available, allowing trainees to use any suitable item whilst explaining the advantages of each one. In addition we maintain close links with manufacturers meaning we often have new products before they are released to the general market.


We have three large classrooms allowing different groups to cover classroom topics as required. Classrooms are well-equipped with AV and large whiteboards.


Our links with industry are very strong and employers often contact us to fill their rope access vacancies.  We are always happy to help new entrants to the industry with CVs and to help you make contacts.