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We offer approved rope access and confined space training courses; providing solutions for all industrial and commercial environments.

rope access training

Stop Dreaming. Start Climbing.

Rope access is the process of working at height using specialist ropes and equipment, allowing safe access to hard-to-reach areas. Using proven climbing and abseiling techniques; rope access enables a qualified operative to carry out their work efficiently and with minimal risk. The primary objective of rope access is to maintain a safe system of work in which the scope for accidents or dangerous situations is minimised.

Rope Access

By training with us and becoming IRATA competent; you can demonstrate that you can safely access locations and complete tasks otherwise not economically viable for most trades. This is a valuable and transposable skill.

Work at Height

Gaining an understanding and familiarity of working at height whether it be on scaffolding, elevated work platform or within a roofspace will enable you to work safely and efficiently where there is a risk of falling.

confined space training

Enclosed Workspaces. Hidden Hazards.

Confined spaces come in many forms – silos, tanks, pipes, shafts – and are not always obvious. Trenches and tanks may trap poisonous gases despite being shallow and open to the air. Other spaces may appear to offer easy access but would make retrieval of a casualty very difficult.

Overview: Our courses give workers the knowledge they need to first recognise confined spaces, and then plan and carry out work safely within them. We have an expansive confined space training facility allowing for experience of multiple scenarios and situations.

Hazards presented by a confined space may not be obvious to the untrained eye. Infact; the work place or route to access it may not even appear at first glance, to present any risk at all. On our course we will show you how to identify such areas in addition to dealing with any other hazards within.

Keeping abrest of current legislation and technological developments is key in providing the very latest and innovative way of teaching this safety critical content.

Rest assured that you will learn the most efficient tools to assess the risks and hazards associated with your work place in addition you will be equiped with the knowledge to mitigate those risks.

access techniques training

Popular Courses

WAH Introduction
£220inc VAT
  • Height Risk Mitigation
  • Single Days Training
  • Practical & Classroom
  • Certified Competence
  • Group Instruction
Confined Spaces
£180inc VAT
  • Low and Medium Risk (1 Day)
  • High Risk with Rescue (2 Days)
  • Practical & Classroom
  • Certified Competence
  • Group Instruction

Access Techniques The Educated Choice

Knowledge & Experience

All our trainers have many years of real-world experience working on the ropes, from oil rigs to bridges, buildings and wind turbines.

Central Location

Our training facility is located in the centre of Sheffield making it easy to access for all public transport routes. Free parking zones are situated a stone’s throw from our hub!

Facilities & Classrooms

Practical skills can be learnt and practiced in our huge well-equipped centre. Comfortable and quiet classrooms allow for an uninterrupted and focused learning environment.

Enthusiastic Instructors

We love teaching rope access and spreading the knowledge. Check out our youtube channel to see our instructors in action or read more about our team members here.

Pupil to Instructor Ratios

All out trainers are IRATA-qualified Instructors and we always maintain staffing levels well in excess of IRATA’s minimum requirements. A dedicated instructor for each level.

Learning Aids

Our easy to follow video tutorials are the most popular on rope access videos youtube. We also provide a comprehensive written manual and access to an extensive library.

Advice & Aftersales

We are not just a top rated training facility and equipment store. Our friendly and knowledgeable team additionally offers advice and support for all products and courses.

Competitive Pricing

Despite being the top-rated centre in the country, we don’t charge any more than other providers, and our courses are guaranteed to run each and every week.

Extensive Choice

Using our first hand experience and industry background we have sourced and refined a vast array of specialist equipment. Personal preference. Professional advice.