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Perfect.  Calm progressive environment.  Good experience throughout the team.

Aaron FLetcher
IRATA Level 1

Couldn’t recommend Access Techniques more, everything was spot on.

Best training centre.

Best overall experience.

Staff are superb, friendly and helpful.

Domantas Cekas
IRATA Level 3 Re-validation

Very comprehensive, very knowledgeable trainers, happy to help and keep it light-hearted and entertaining.

Great that Andy and Danny are keen to help expand knowledge past requirements.

Charlie Day
IRATA Level 1

Quality experience, good instruction.

Flexibility with teaching different experience levels giving plenty of attention to everyone on and off the ropes.

Very good. Great infact. Would recommend Access Techniques to anyone that is interested in becoming a rope access tech!

Damian Grimley
IRATA Level 1

As a seasoned Level 3 I have successfully completed many IRATA courses and Revals here. I even attended a PPE Inspection course.

The support and encouragement provided by Adam, Aide, Danny and the trainers makes learning fun and interesting. Every time I attend training with Access Techniques I learn something new! I have built a successful team of confident operatives all passing through the Barracks and kitted them out with some awesome equipment. Recommended!

Matt Lake
Specialist Access Manager

My 21st year in rope access and still learning new things. Really enjoyed the course and felt well supported. Great thorough training by everyone involved, trainers happy to answer any question no matter how trivial it seems.

A Great craic, robust course content, a professional centre with a fun and friendly vibe.

The online videos are really informative both before, during and as reference after the course. A credit to the industry. Thanks so much!

Dave Nappel
IRATA Level 3