What is IRATA?


IRATA is the sole global trade association in the work-at-height sector; it has member companies in every continent.

Industrial rope access has been developed by IRATA in the last 35 years to a point where it is the chosen means of access for much of the work in the offshore oil and gas industry as well as a range of projects in construction, civil engineering, the built and natural environment and much more.   Its success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines that deliver an enviable safe working record year after year.

The IRATA system has three main components that combine to create a safe system of work:

The International Code of Practice (ICOP) is the IRATA bible which lays out work and management systems in full.

The IRATA training scheme (TACS) is the most established and respected worldwide, producing three levels of qualified operative from apprentice through to supervisor.

IRATA member companies are subject to regular and thorough audits to ensure their systems are fully compliant with the ICOP.

More information is available at the IRATA website, where you can also download copies of the ICOP.