PPE Inspection course

PPE Inspection Training

Our PPE Inspection course was developed for experienced Rope Access Technicians. The course is an intensive two-day workshop on all aspects of inspecting rope access equipment including setting up and running an equipment database. We have a huge selection of worn and damaged kit on which to learn, and our 100kN test machine enables precise destructive testing of any suspect items. The course ends with an assessment and if successful you will be awarded a certificate of competency.

Courses usually run once a month but can also run on demand.

For individuals with less experience we also offer a three-day course.

Please contact Access Techniques on 01142 737398 or email info@access-techniques.com availability.

Cost: £380 + VAT.

Course contents:

  • Understand the legal requirements for inspection of WAH PPE
  • Draw up a management system and examination scheme
  • Undertake practical inspections and examinations of WAH PPE
  • Identify issues with equipment and what actions are required
  • Correctly monitor, maintain and dispose of equipment
  • Produce examination reports and keep relevant records