Medium Risk rope access Confined Space training Including Escape BA


Classroom and practical course covering the following.

  • Prepare to enter and work safely in medium risk confined spaces using rope access methods.
  • Enter and exit confined spaces safely using rope access methods. And escape BA.
  • Detailed Rig for rescue based access systems.
  • Correct use of atmospheric testing equipment.
  • Vertical and horizontal working environments.
  • Prepare and use escape breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • Follow procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Use appropriate behaviour for working in medium risk confined spaces
  • Use appropriate industry knowledge for working in medium risk confined Spaces
  • Apply relevant industry standards for working in medium risk confined spaces.


Access Techniques medium risk Confined space certificate valid for 3 years.