Extra courses during February and March

Next week’s course (Feb 6th – 10th) is now fully booked, and other courses are filling up fast, so we have put on an extra course the following week (Feb 13th – 17th). There is plenty of room still available for this week, and a few places still available on the courses in the rest of Feb.

We don’t normally run courses on bank holiday weeks, so be warned availability is a bit patchier over Easter and into May. However, we are running courses pretty much every week between now and then, so its worth getting it done earlier if possible. Just email or give us a ring to book.

FAQ: IRATA Rules for Revalidation

There is often some confusion about when and how folk can revalidate or upgrade their tickets, so I thought I’d try to clear things up here.

Firstly, note IRATA will NOT allow you to upgrade if your certificate has expired (more than three years since last assessment). However they will allow you to revalidate up to 6 months before expiry, and your next three years will run from the original expiry date. So its well worth booking in early if possible.

If you have expired, the rules are as follows:

Level 1: revalidate at any time with a full week’s training course.

Level 2 & 3: You have a further six months after expiry to revalidate at the same level, as long as you do not work as a rope access technician whilst expired.
If you have expired for more than 6 months but less than 2 years, a day of appraisal is required at a training centre before completing a full week’s course.
If you have expired for more than 2 years, you must first revalidate at Level 1, and then ‘fast-track’ back up the system to your original level. 300 logged hours over at least 3 months are required between levels in the ‘fast-track’ system.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we can clear up any confusion.

A lick of paint and a bit of steel

Over the last few months we’ve made a good few additions to the training centre. On the cosmetic front, painting the floor has made the centre much brighter and smarter, and helped to keep ropes and harnesses clean and handling nicely.

To expand the possibilites of our steelwork, we’ve added a pylon leg with latchway system, to give us a great variety of four different installed fall arrest systems. We’ve also installed a large section of steel tube into the arches at around 6 metres height. This is great for teaching aid climbing and rigging, particularly pull-throughs, and has been specified to take a point load of 6kN at any point with minimal deflection.

We’re also continually expanding our kit store, with special focus on the ever expanding range of devices. With recent Petzl and IRATA statements regarding the Shunt, its essential all operatives, ans especially Level 3s, are experienced and knowledgeable on a variety of descenders and back-up devices.

Dates for Winter – Spring 2012

Over the coming months we will be running courses on the following weeks:

January: 9th – 13th Fully Booked,   23rd – 27th

February: 6th – 10th,  20th – 24th,   27th – 2nd

March: 5th – 9th,   19th – 23rd,   26th – 30th

April: 16th – 20th,   23rd – 27th

May: 14th – 18th,   28th – 1st

Remember, if the week you want isn’t listed give us a call. We will run a course as long as we have two bookings, so there is a good chance we can put on an extra course.

Dates for Autumn 2011

For the next few months we’ve got IRATA training courses scheduled on the following dates:

19th – 23rd Sept
3rd – 7th Oct
17th – 21st Oct
31st Oct – 4th Nov
14th – 18th Nov
28th Nov – 2nd Dec

All weeks training cover all IRATA Levels 1,2 & 3. The basic schedule is a course every other week up until Christmas, but from current enquiries we’ll likely be adding a few extra dates too, so get in touch if the week you fancy isn’t listed.

Panoramic Photos

Top caving photographer Robbie Shone dropped in last week to practice his wide-angle techniques on our cavernous interior. The field-of-view in both of these pictures is somewhere over 180 degrees! Click on the pic for a bigger view.

And here’s Aide demonstrating some techniques for rescue from a diagonal tensioned line.

Dates for Summer 2011

Now we’ve got all the spring bank holidays out of the way, summer is looking a bit more straightforward. We’re running at least two courses every month through to autumn, main dates as follows:

June: 6th – 10th, 20th – 24th, 27th – 1st July

July: 4th – 8th, 18th – 22nd,

August: 8th – 12th, 22nd – 26th

September: 5th – 9th, 19th – 23rd

Please remember that – as a new company with low overheads – we will run a course any week with a minimum of two bookings. So if you want a course on different dates than above, just give us a ring and there’s a good chance we’ll be running one. If you can find a mate or two to join you, we’ll definitely run a course on any week you choose, and you get the benefits of being taught in a small group and a course structured to your individual needs.

Look forward to seeing you!

Dates for Spring

Due to steady demand, we’re now running IRATA courses every week from the start of March up to Easter. A normal course runs from Monday to Friday, though it is possible to revalidate in less if you are on a tight schedule.

Dates over Easter and beyond are a little spaced at the moment due to all the Bank Holidays this year, so if your qualification is due to expire its worth booking in earlier rather than later. For techs with expired tickets its worth noting IRATA no longer allow upgrades, and a full week is required to revalidate.

For exact dates see the Courses page, or get in touch to book your place.

Happy New Year!

We’re now taking bookings for IRATA courses in 2011 – click on the Courses pages for dates

Thanks to all our customers who helped us get established in 2010. So far we have managed to maintain a superb 100% success rate and we hope to continue this well into 2011. The centre already has an excellent reputation with IRATA’s assessors, one even went so far as to call it ‘the best training venue I’ve seen’.

Our second course for January (17th- 21st) already has a few Level Three’s booked on for revals, so if you’re a Level 3 looking for an advanced workshop it could be a good week. More dates on the courses page, or get in touch via the contact page.

Here’s a few photos from last year’s courses. Look forward to seeing you!