Confined Space training

Why Confined Space training?

Confined spaces come in many forms – silos, tanks, pipes, shafts – and are not always obvious. Trenches and tanks may trap poisonous gases despite being shallow and open to the air. Other spaces may appear to offer easy access but would make retrieval of a casualty very difficult.

Our courses give workers the knowledge they need to first recognise confined spaces, and then plan and carry out work safely within them.

Confined Space Training Levels



Do employees need confined space training?

The Confined Spaces regulations 1997 States that .

“Employers are required to provided such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health safety at work of employees. Specific training for work in confined spaces will depend on an individual’s previous experience and the type of work they will be doing.”

At Access Techniques we offer a course that covers the broad spectrum of work that is carried out in industrial environments. We can also specifically tailor training to the environment your employees will be working in.

Low Risk

Simple, unobstructed entry with adequate natural ventilation. No foreseeable development of atmospheric hazards. Non-Entry rescue.

Medium Risk

More complex entry with minimal natural ventilation. Development of atmospheric hazards possible during work. Entry based rescue.

High Risk

Atmospheric hazards present (typically requires full breathing apparatus), complex entry, entry based rescue required.

We currently offer both low and medium risk confined space courses with immediate availability. We also provide a unique medium risk course combining rope access and escape BA. We do not provide high risk training at present.

There is a minimum of 3 bookings per course. All courses are run at our centre in Sheffield.

More details at the links below:

Introduction to Confined Spaces (low risk) 1 day, £154.17 per person + VAT

Confined Space including Escape BA (medium risk) 1 days, £250 per person + VAT

Confined Space Rope Access and Rescue inc Escape BA (medium risk) 2 days, £300 per person + VAT

Discounts are available for multiple bookings

Bespoke courses available upon request, please get in touch with your requirements.