A lick of paint and a bit of steel

Over the last few months we’ve made a good few additions to the training centre. On the cosmetic front, painting the floor has made the centre much brighter and smarter, and helped to keep ropes and harnesses clean and handling nicely.

To expand the possibilites of our steelwork, we’ve added a pylon leg with latchway system, to give us a great variety of four different installed fall arrest systems. We’ve also installed a large section of steel tube into the arches at around 6 metres height. This is great for teaching aid climbing and rigging, particularly pull-throughs, and has been specified to take a point load of 6kN at any point with minimal deflection.

We’re also continually expanding our kit store, with special focus on the ever expanding range of devices. With recent Petzl and IRATA statements regarding the Shunt, its essential all operatives, ans especially Level 3s, are experienced and knowledgeable on a variety of descenders and back-up devices.

Adam Long